Forged In Fire And Ice written by Anne G at

Forged In Fire And Ice

Forged in Fire and Ice


written by: Anne G



Is the corruption of Man’s strength caused by his acquired foibles?


Throughout mankind’s journey history has been witness to the decimation of humanity’s character.  A monument of strength and character reduced to rubble, ash and dust by the seduction of doubt. Forged by fire and ice, warped by foibles and missteps.

The signs manifested, the clues traceable. Cracks, fissures, flaws, imperfections spoiling the purity and brilliance of a magnificent creation. Ruined by ‘little white lies’, half-truths, excuses and loss of conviction. Honesty and integrity removed by guile, the sense of right and wrong replaced by deception. A deleterious evolution spanning the ages transforming forte to foible.

An evolution that begs the question – Who is this ‘Man’?

A masterpiece. A work of art. The Craftsman’s sword of truth, noble and true. Bestowed with enduring qualities meant to last forever. A creature of flesh and blood, ‘Man’ is also vulnerable and subject to all manner of temptation, internal and external. Battered, beaten and bruised by the winds of time ‘Man’s’ true self can be erased, transforming, unrecognizable, a shadow of its former self.

I do believe that true strength can survive the tests and trials of life. We, ‘Man’, are indomitable and can be forged anew, for the elements out of which We were formed are indestructible.

We can choose to be the crucible in which our true essence, our humanity surrenders or, the anvil upon which that same humanity was forged.

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