Fragile, poetry by Erika L Dionisio at
Nathan J Hilton



written by: Erika L Dionisio


I crack open a
double yolked
see the twins holding
on and feel
more fragile than the shell
I just broke.

Because everything feels
fragile amid images
near and far,
of bodies left
for dead, parallel
of collective baby
birds left for dead
outside of nests
now empty
on the ground.

The helpless cry for a mother,
a parent gone,
the look in this child’s eyes
that should be enough to end
all the world’s suffering
but is not.

Whether beaks or mouth of the barely
living, the very hungry opening
and closing,
many will tire before
a final hopeful opening,
a tiny aperture
of light
before the beating stops.

Only a sane father knows
that the search would never
end even if the
one who had committed
the unspeakable were
found in his hands,
squeezing out his
very last breath.

Only a sane mother knows,
even then it would never be over
not even with the last quake
of the earth, the sun falling,
the earth aflame, beyond the darkness
her eyes wide and white and hungry
searching to catch
a glimpse of him again
in case it were possible
to come back to life against
her own skin
and before the world ended.

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