Fragments of Serenity, a poem by Juliya Susan Jose at
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Fragments of Serenity

Fragments of Serenity

written by: Juliya Susan Jose


Immersed in the flora
Of galore subtle tranquility
Striving to eschew
The segments of shock.
Pining for a serene stroke,
Grabbed by the quietude.
Escalated far deeply
By an unfathomed aura
Made way to escape
Plunging into the halcyon.

An illusory world
Of unquenchable desires
An undefinable notion
For perpetual equanimity
Clinched in a foggy flow
An agglomeration of thoughts
Incessant heap of memories
Swaddling over and again
Impenetrable to apprehend
Hovering in and around.

Every hour that passes
Falls upon like a silent pill
Hushed away slowly by
The pillow of endurance.
A reposeful contemplation
A stoic commencement
of undefinable aching.
Vexatious recalling of
Tentative gripping emotions
Holds an uncertain mystery.

Much incredulous it seems
Dubious to discern
Yet sounds ingenuous
The tinge of consciousness
Like a somnolent brook
Felt immensely pensive
Nebulous to recall
Offering an ephemeral pause
For the myriad of thoughts,
A transient equipoise.

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