Freedom, a poem written by Barbara Deraoui at



written by: Barbara Deraoui



She was in the water
She was struggling to get to the surface
Fish swam all around her
As she desperately thrashed

She wanted to be free
She felt trapped
She had a hard time breathing

She was in the water
Struggling to get free
She wanted to push through
But couldn’t

Whales started swimming around her
Every now and then going to the surface to break free

As their bodies lifted above the water and dropped down they created a huge splash

She watched with envy wishing she could do the same

Then all of a sudden the chains broke
She was free
Her burdens lifted
She felt light

As she made her way to the surface a whale swam beside her
As if it was guarding her

Then she grabbed its back fin and the whale lifted them both out of the water

She felt joy as she broke free
She lifted her head and looked at the sun

She climbed onto the back of the whale
They swam together towards the shore
She climbed off the whale and walked to the beach
She was free
Her burdens had been lifted
She looked out to the sea and smiled

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