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Freya, Queen of Spring

Freya, Queen of Spring

written by: LadyLily



Anthea, Goddess of flowers,
crowns Freya, the honourable Queen of Spring.
Cherished by all, mother to God’s creation.
Her soul spills colours unknown to man,
wherever she treads a seed will birth.
A silver shimmer, a tell-tale sign of her glorious shadow.

Her wings, powdered tyrian talc,
eyes smiling pearls,
flowing gown of amber silk
covers flesh of ice-white dew.
Finger tips smeared with frankincense and marjoram sweet,
she slumbers through Winter’s indigo corridors.

Astonished Cowslips drip yellow tears,
Foxgloves ordinary blush flips to a flamingo flush,
their chalices brim liqueur of Bumble’s heaven.
Wallflowers unfasten bright gold buttons on spires of myrtle-green
as tiring Tulips burst out last breaths of parma violet.

Queen Freya…hailed from mint mists…
Born from a treasure of fauna, giggles
as her sage-green cloak splashes over an ocean of swelling seeds,
titillating buds of loveliness.
She awaits blossom’s rise, hums to a dawning sky
as she twines threads of gold.

Freesias untie their spume frocks,
Anemones unfurl bows of blue…they murmur a hum,
ping purple and shades of cerise appear
as a Siskin applauds the sunset.
A fresh painting after a shower of rain.

Limed leaves worship and hiccup,
mossy coloured frogs cheer,
Violets purr in puny sunstrokes
as Freya tickles through ebony earth.
Faint sounds of growing gems
break dull muteness of Winter’s goodbye!

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