Friday Night - A Tribute To Charles Bukowski by Antony King at

Friday Night – A Tribute To Charles Bukowski

Friday Night 

A Tribute To Charles Bukowski

written by: Antony King



Loneliness on a Friday night
It’s only 6 pm, and I’m already drunk.
Sitting on my balcony, in this hole, I am in.
Watching people drive-by and walking on the busy street.
There is a girl that is walking to the corner bar,
I can tell she was not a regular… Hell, I am a regular,
But do I really know anyone in there?
The lipstick, that dress… ‘
I could tell that her hair had just been done.
Going to impress the boys, on a Friday night?
Perhaps, the husband is, working late…
Hell, he is probably, doing what she is doing right now.
Hey! She might be single.
But, I doubt it.
There is too much baggage there to be single.
Single gals have a swag about them… You know that…
I don’t give a shit attitude. Go ahead, and look boys…
But there will be no luck for you tonight.
Maybe she is just trying to discover new things
Find adventures between the sheets.
Or is she running from something… Hell, we all know you can not run.
I am not impressed.
Sure, I will have another… as I pour more scotch in my dirty glass
Who cares… It is Friday night, and I am lonely.

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