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written by: Regis Auffray



Fledgling affection becomes love
Respectfulness fits like a glove
Intimacy is a treasure
Empathy becomes the measure
Never judging ever caring
Devotedly ever sharing
See these two friends walk hand in hand
Happy footprints across the sand
If such a treasure can be found
Perhaps it's having me around

Regis Auffray

Regis Auffray

Régis Auffray is originally from Peace River, Alberta, Canada. His parents and all of his extended family are from Brittany, France. He is of Celtic descent. Regis is a graduate of the University of British Columbia with an Education Degree majoring in French and English. He has also done some post graduate work in counselling psychology and obtained a diploma in that field. He took early retirement after 32 years in a career as an educator in middle and senior high school.
Regis enjoys writing (although he does not “work” at it but waits for inspiration to come), singing (choir), cycling, walking, hiking, music, movies, reading, nature and romance (yes, he admits to being a “foolishly romantic optimist.”)
Regis Auffray lives in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada.
Regis Auffray

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