Friendship Funerals, a poem written by Fredrick Martyn at

Friendship Funerals

Friendship Funerals

written by: Fredrick Martyn



Friendship funerals

Rest in peace camaraderie

From amity calamity

To many different eulogies:


“Feelings got involved”

“They left when I was down”

“Our friendship was toxic”

“We’re just so different now”


Wait! – open that casket!

I think this one’s still alive!

But who am I to say

Up to them to decide

Fredrick Martyn

Fredrick Martyn

Fredrick Martyn is a Sri Lankan-Canadian writer, poet and medical student currently based in Washington, DC. His humor and poetry have appeared in Points In Case, Slackjaw, GomerBlog, Pulp Poets Press and The Online Journal of Community and Person-Centered Dermatology among other places.
Fredrick Martyn

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