Frivolous Photons, a poem by Haaris Ali Waqas at
Noah Buscher

Frivolous Photons

Frivolous Photons

written by: Haaris Ali Waqas



Our romance peaks among galaxies,
Melts our ego into vapour
Travelling up, setting up its own galleries
Of uncertain infatuations that never waver.
You and I, a consistent constant
In a helter-skelter chase to be descendants
Of our universe of confusion,
And dwell in our illuminated illusions.

You and I; photons rushing at the same pace,
We can’t slow down, but let’s not haste
This intensity that we share;
The best of what our forces can bear.
Deflecting persistently towards open paths,
Neither of us cherishes hours of the past,
Though we are embedded within darkness,
Our light awaits us to let go of its blankness.

Let us shoot through the vestigial vacuum
Laying amidst the stars
And shine our light over the moon
That seeks to soothe our scars,
Let us lose ourselves in our whirlwind of wander
To escape this prison of wonder
And trail away from the pictures we have drawn,
Those that long ago, left us forlorn.

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