Full Moon Again written by Ipsita Banerjee at Spillwords.com

Full Moon Again

Full moon again

written by: Ipsita Banerjee



Through the open window

moonlight shimmers on the floor

the sharp rain has rinsed clean

the yellowed stains of the day.

Only your thumb print remains

etched into the skin below my ear

where you touched me that last time

before you went away.


The moon marches in swathes of light

as I lie awake, sensing, not seeing

its journey across the sky

corseted in shadows of clouds and lace.

Sounds of life are muted

by the chatter of my pen with paper

you watch me frown over my whys

denying – that we share this space.


For full moons bring memories

in smoke and winter fires

your voice a burst of cold air

that washes over my deepest nights.

I look up from the page

certain I will see you here:

all my thoughts, naked and raw,

startled, like birds, into flight

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