Funeral of Words, a poem by Gabriela Docan at

Funeral of Words

Funeral of Words

written by: Gabriela Docan


So many words died
unlistened to,
sucked in a vacuum
by the Universe.
So many words died
ignored, ridiculed,
or simply not understood.
So many words beautiful
and wise but decanted
to unworthy places.
Some words were sweet,
like jam on toast
in the morning.
Some burnt our throat
like horseradish sauce,
then were washed down
with a sip of red wine.
Most words ended sadly
in a non-recyclable waste land.

I embark each dead word
on a white paper boat
and let it float on the river
for its water burial.
Rivers never flow back
the way memories do.
I light few candles,
say a prayer or two,
while the fleet of paper boats
descends on the river.
Good bye, beloved words.
May you rest in peace.
I shall always remember you!

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