Gangrene, a poem by Antonia Wang at



written by: Antonia Wang



Dead tissue, blackened pieces of you
fall, gangrened. Yesterday,
when you lived, worlds spun
in your head faster than you could
utter them.

Today, you’re hungry
for a hug (the kind you seldom got)
but no one turns when you attempt
a word. Only ghosts open
their robe to you.

Their dementor robes agape,
undulate and crack the static.
You can see the smile
on their featureless faces.
One of them beckons you,

when a wisp of warmth
encircles their hollow.
You walk to them, for the first time
since monolith skies collapsed
into a wheelchair.

Your body fills
with mirth and light.
Your polished lips curl up.
A great wall fades into peach blossoms.
You find their hand: a friend at last!

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