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Garden Fairies

Garden Fairies

written by: Andrada Costoiu


The moon was riding in a cloudy heaven,
Nature was not still and neither was he.
He was just a little boy, by the window,
Listening to the spirits of the trees.

The tales of the forest
Whispered unwritten wisdom,
About the first men and women that emerged from the caves
To fan the flames of civilization,
About a wanderers realm
Where even broken-winged birds can fly,
About acorns that sprouted into flowers,
About a little orphan child that asked a tall tree
To lift up his paper gold wishes
Up to the sky, to his parents.

And then he saw her,
Small as the strawberry that fed him this morning,
She was flying restlessly, in her silky blue dress.
Her face flushed,
She whispered “Come”, with quivering lips.

Quite confused but excited,
He climbed down to the garden.
Barefoot, he passed by the fox and the hare
Which were bidding each other good night.

Intently he listened for the sound of her wings,
He followed her to his ash tree house in the back of the garden.

Uncanny but true, and no dreamed self-delusion,
Six fairies were tied and had no ways to fly,
Their eyelashes were plucking the pink tears of their cry.

The WHO and the WHY has grabbed on his mind,
Blue fairy says: ”YOU”
And he gave a denial.
Yes, YOU, older YOU, you tied!
Please untie!

The fog of time that spreads time to come,
Shows him, the orphan boy and what he could become:
Wandering, ragged, a man that does not believe,
That love exists for him to receive.

Scared at this sight, he quivers with closed eyes,
And opens from his fist,
A paper golden wish that he this morning kissed.
I free you fairy gardens and let you fly,
Please take my golden wish to my parents in the sky.
For magic and love are not broken and never will be,
My parents’ voices and their spirits will always be with me.

Andrada Costoiu

Andrada Costoiu

Andrada Costoiu spent her young years in communist Romania until she left with only two suitcases to the land where all her dreams will come true. She now lives in California with her family, where she spends her time between academic research and writing stories that come from her heart. Her academic work and her literary endeavors have been published in various international journals and publications. She is the author of the poetry collection “Love poems: insights into the complicated mystery of love.” She enjoys writing on the deep sense of life and on philosophical questions. You can find more of her writing at her personal blog: Andrada’s world, where she frequently writes about her experiences, events and people that are an inspiration to her.
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