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written by: Clive Grewcock


There is a suggestion
that shadows cannot exist
by swimming beneath the surface,
off a distant Northern coast.

The heartless cold
lies in wait
like a dark soul
writhing uncontrollably.

Eel-like beneath
a changing surface,
shifting in and out
at the will of the tide.

As a test of our bravery
the shadows lie in wait,
coming close and then retreating –
the sea checks and reminds

those with feet still on dryland,
of the rich darkness offered below.
A force to be reckoned with
before it retreats in order to regroup.

Am I of the shadows?
For it surely shapes what has been
taken from its icy grasp,
having witnessed that underworld.

There is a Norse name for this
deeply chilling dwelling place.
The cold memory with a haunting call –

Clive Grewcock

Clive Grewcock

Clive Grewcock is a writer based in the Scottish Highlands with a particular interest in language and the way it can evoke a depth and emotion through creativity. "Poetry has a wonderful power in our world, not necessarily in a shouting way but also with subtlety and asking others to invest and bring something of themselves to the work. It is good to contemplate and consider through writing."
Clive Grewcock

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