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Geek Brand Geek

written by: Marc Brightside



Most of all, I hate your smile.
I can almost tolerate the braying laughter
and the purple hair, the endless bitching
about comic books and Harry Potter,
your Pick and Mix of labels and identities,
but not your smile, no. It reminds me
that I must be doing something wrong.
I’ve put effort into understanding you,
but every time I go online I wither; if this
is how its handlers treat it, our language
should be taken into social services.

Ableism, manspreading, body-positivity.
What do these things fucking mean?

These are words for tall teenagers,
Poundland geeks bloated by supremacy,
that manufactured brand of weirdness;
hair dye, piercings, box sets to be ticked.
And in Bizarro World, the pundits counter
via libtard, beta-something-or-another.
Non-conformity has lost all meaning.
This is a generation of mundane rebellion,
Che Guevara t-shirts, twenty-somethings
clamouring for justifiable injustice.
When did punk become a suffix?



This poem is taken from my debut collection, 'Keep it in the Family'.

Marc Brightside

Marc Brightside

I am an author of poetry and realist fiction for adults, currently based in London, England. I first discovered poetry under the tuition of Julian Stannard and since graduating I have conducted poetry workshops, worked as an editor for poetry and non-fiction, had my work published in various outlets across the UK and placed top ten in 2016's National Poetry Competition, held by The Poetry Society. My debut poetry collection, ‘Keep it in the Family’, will be available via Dempsey & Windle from October 2017 onwards.
Marc Brightside

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