Girl of Light, poem by Jahnavi Gouri Panicker at
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Girl of Light

Girl of Light

written by: Jahnavi Gouri Panicker



She knew her life was wounded
She glided on its broken wing
Her dreams crept a bit haunted
Love and happiness she sings

Drowning on her mind all alone,
thoughts wept in the mist
Her dreams glittered high above
A marvelous tale its gift

She cradled her fragile heart
A song blooming in it
She is a star amidst the dark,
a wonderful twinkle she lit

The universe in her life,
were stories given as a gift
Those tales whispered high above,
her name was what the stars lit

Her smile still glitters the sky
In darkness she never sits
The light she was, amidst the darkness
She was the universe’s gift

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