Give Me A Break, a poem by Snigdha Agrawal at

Give Me A Break

Give Me A Break

written by: Snigdha Agrawal



Why should I live?
If the body fails me
Waking up each morning
Zero energy
Dragging myself to do
the most basic things
Unable to chase
those small feet
challenging me
with a questioning look
“But why can’t she?”
This body is nearing seventy
He’s not supposed to know
what that means!

Why should I live?
If the mind forgets
days of the week
Where I put the car keys
Passwords for internet banking
Search for my glasses
when it’s sitting crowning
my head, filled with
dying grey cells and
no sound reaches the
tympanic membrane
missing out on birdsong
and the wind whistling

Why should I live?
If the soul has reached
The highest zenith
All wishes fulfilled
Peace prevails within
Of no use to kith and kin
Just a soul waiting for release
Keen to meet its Creator
Have a dialogue with Him
To unearth things that
remain incomprehensible
And If the soul should
take rebirth and I were
asked what I would
like to be…
“anything except a human
being, so full of falsities.
Gun totting youth on a killing
spree. Blood of innocents
flowing on streets.
NO…anything except
a human being”.

In response, I hear…
“Dying is easy
Living is a challenge”
And so, I continue living
meeting each challenge
with the purpose to win.

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