Gloom is a Colour in The Rainbows, poem by Blossom Ibe at
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Gloom is a Colour in The Rainbow

Gloom is a Colour in The Rainbow

written by: Blossom Ibe


Day 41.
It’s been more than a month
since you left. And somehow,
I’m exhausted from all of the
ache I feel when you cross my
mind. I keep imagining you
walking through the door,
crying and asking us to work
things out. somehow.
Instead, I see you in everyone;
and I still smell your cologne.
My days feel like the emptiness
of raindrops on zinc roofs, and
I’m scared to laugh out loud,
at a joke you’ve made before.
I just might choke. or worse.

There’s this thing about big
wounds. It’s the scars
they leave behind.
How they remind you
of the twist in your gut
and the ache in your heart
when you first felt pain.
How butterflies can lose
their colours, and daylight
can be a perfect eyesore.
And when you feel better,
the scars are there, too.
Because No, you’re. not
. better, it’s just something
our minds tell us.
And ‘gloom’ is just another
colour in the rainbow we
were never really taught about.

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