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Goblins and Ghosts

Goblins and Ghosts

written by: Susan DeCrescenzo


It’s that time of year where we see goblins, ghosts, and gore.
Things that creep around, drip blood, moan in pain and more.

Have you ever seen a real ghost?
Some say they have or so they boast.

I lost a friend a year ago.
She was ill, but I didn’t know.

We’d been friends for over 20 years.
Her loss I feel deeply with so many tears.

Her name was Phyllis and she loved to travel.
Now her spirit can fly, and she won’t make any noise on the gravel.

The night Phyllis died; she came to me in a dream.
She told me, “Sue it’s alright.
It’s my fault too, I didn’t write.”

She said, “We’ve both had a good life.
Lots of laughs, love, good food and wine.
Your life just took a different turn than mine.”

“Now,” she continued, “I understand so much; really my life was great.
Sue, keep on laughing and loving. Life is short, don’t hesitate.”

Finally, Phyllis pointed and said, “I think I’m supposed to go into that light.
I wasn’t always so good at following the rules, but I know this is right.”

I awoke from my dream, but her presence seemed real.
I laid there a moment analyzing how I feel.

I smiled and thought, it’s Halloween where we see goblins and ghosts.
Have you seen one? I have now, I can boast!

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