GODS work order written by Vickie Mryczko at Spillwords.com

GODS Work Order

GODS work order

written by: Vickie Mryczko



Through the light drizzle, beams of sunlight reach forwards to the ground.
Random, broken clouds allow these majestic slides to carry Angels, to and from the beautiful heavens.
Imagine their purpose and excitement of missions; emanating from their wings.
Work orders from GOD are given…
Take to the world, the blessings and miracles needed; to those searching for hope.
Bring back the tired victors of peace, love and unity; so they may rest.
Comfort those who feel alone and defeated.
Give renewal and energy, to those still learning the lessons of universal purpose.
Spread with you, the songs of my heart; raining joy, laughter and kindness amongst men.
These jobs will never end; but know that your reward awaits here with me.
This army of my making will surely conquer any darkness.
Go swiftly and amplify the lights given; to each spirit, which seeks our divine guidance.

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