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written by: David Maynard


Translucent light through opaque panes
Whistles they sound on Westbound trains
She can't share the guilt
Only I am to blame
Murky water
Pulled from a spoon
Lovelight  dimmed
Like a bloodred moon
The day is done
My task is at hand
This worry will lessen
Like hourglass sand
The blame isn't mine
Only a shell remains
She's broken and bitter
Heart filled with pain
Flooded eyes pouring
Like a springtime rain
Body shaking and trembling
Hurt still remains
Whispers on deaf ears
Not giving relief
Falling aimlessly
Like a wind blown leaf
Love that was given
Would help with the storm
Unfulfilled expectations
Became quite the norm
Hearts made for breaking
Are worn on the sleeve
A blooming rose at one time
Now only thorns and leaves

David Maynard

David Maynard

David Maynard is a new author of poetry and short stories. He grew up in the mountains of Southeastern Kentucky where coal used to be king. He currently resides in Ohio. He is working on his first novel. His work can range from serious to comedy.
David Maynard

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