Gone written by Honey Pot at Spillwords.com



written by: ErosVerse



I felt you
You felt me
We felt us

Before you pulled
The plug
Before you

I got used to you
Peeling layers off of me
When the last layer fell off
You became breathless
Tongue-tied. Not like before
No ~ this was different

You could only glare
Unashamedly at me
Touch ~ with a curious
Child-like wonder
Like the discovery of
The rarest thing
I was this marvel
You had uncovered

When you did speak
It was in an alien tongue
I had never heard you speak before
And yet at the same time
Made perfect divine sense
To me. To you. To us

We understood it
We were beautiful
It was eternal
We were divine
Until you ran
Without a trace
Leaving no evidence
That you had ever existed

Like a dream that
Disappears when
One awakes at sunrise
With a vague yet certain memory
Of having lived some
Fabulous fantastical life
In a mystical universe beyond
This earthly realm
In those short blissful night hours
Only to be snatched out
Of it at the first light of day

Surreal. Frustrating. Disappointing
I could not remember
Much of it real as it seemed
Pieces of the dream
And my part in it
Flash vividly in my mind
At inconvenient times of my day

You were gone
You. Are. Gone
And so are all of those layers
So are all of those walls

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