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written by: Mona Lisa


The “I” keeps changing its inner ambiance in reaction to outside situations.

A silent scream,
Seeking attention all the time.
Sometimes a voice too loud,
Begging to be heard.
Never gets tired of hearing its own chatter.
Will “I” ever be able to quieten?
Will “I” be ever still?

Somewhere deep within, the “I” knows,
This life is a just play of five elements,
And the maker of the universe looks for ecstatic performers irrespective of the role.
Still “I” wants to be in someone else’s role,
I do everything in pursuit of joy.
But the “I” is not joyful each moment.
Sometimes unaware and unconscious,
Bitter and twisting,
Repeats the same karmic cycles,
Like a spider entangled in its own web.

To the loud, unconscious, unaware “I”
I bid goodbye.

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa is an IT Consultant by day and a poet by night. A bilingual poet, she finds her expressions both in English and Odia. Storymirror has honored her as “Literary Colonel” for promoting literature. Her literary works are featured in prestigious international journals like “The Year of the Poet VI” by Inner Child Press International (USA), Galaktika Poetike “ATUNIS”, "Different truths” and “Muse India”. Her Odia poetry book “Anjulae Smruti (A handful of memory)" has received many beautiful reviews from contemporary poets and huge appreciation from the readers.
Mona Lisa loves travelling. As ardent lover of nature and mountains, she feels mountains always call her. Her goal is to befriend the Himalayan mountain ranges and talk to the moon some day.
Mona Lisa

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