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written by:  William T Fearby


i watched you in the winter as the snow lay on the ground
you were always laughing and smiling a joy to be around
but as the snow started melting and spring came at last
the sparkle in your deep blue eyes started fading fast

i watched you struggle all that spring i never heard you complain
you were never happier than dancing barefoot in the rain
every day you got weaker but still you carried on
by the start of summer the sparkle in your eyes had gone

it broke my heart watching you not able to do anything
we would sit in each other’s arms oh what joy that would bring
i never heard you complain about what you were going through
i felt so helpless watching you suffer not knowing what to do

you had brought me so much joy you made my life complete
you made me feel like your king you were always so upbeat
then one day you were not feeling well so you stayed in your bed
you told me it was nothing just a small pain in your head

i couldn’t understand it you were never ever ill
you told me it was a migraine it will be better after a pill
but it didn’t get any better you just seemed to get much worse
i took you to the hospital and you saw the triage nurse

she said you will have to see the doctor who sent you for a scan
where they noticed you had a tumour they did all that they can
but it had spread so much there was nothing they could do
they told me to take you home and give all my love to you

i didn’t need telling to love you cause you were the only love of my life
we sat and talked for hours you said you were so proud to be my wife
but no one could be prouder than me to love someone like you
it made my heart break into pieces watching what you were going through

you stayed strong right until the end when the angels took you away
now i struggle to live my mundane life missing your love every day
i wake up in the morning and you’re not there then i start to cry
i am such a lucky man to have loved you my sweetheart goodbye

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