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Gotham and Batman

written by: Arpan Christy



On a busy crossroad when the signal turns red,
by knocking an action figure of the “Batman”
on the window of a car,
a poor kid tries to sell it.

The window of a car when doesn’t open,
he stares at “batman” with a sigh for a moment
and walks towards another car!

While walking towards another car,
he realizes that,
though a whole world is “Gotham” indeed,
the Batman still is
an imaginary character only!...

Arpan Christy

Arpan Christy

Nationality: Indian
Age: 35 years old
Religion: Christian (Roman Catholic)
Education: Bachelor' s Degree in Engineering in Computer science.
Profession: Poet, writer, independent corporate film maker, independent software consultant.
Arpan Christy

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