Grandmother's Dance, a poem by Dennis Maulsby at
Eberhard Grossgasteiger

Grandmothers’ Dance

Grandmothers’ Dance

written by: Dennis Maulsby


Standing in a circle, they discuss the errors
their children are making as parents,
and in spite of the mistakes,
the perfection of their grandkids.

You watch the grandmothers sway,
from side-to-side, one foot to the other.
It’s a reflex, a habit they say, caused by
all those years of rocking babies to sleep,
of comforting sick children.

It’s a gentle waltz, with no apparent music,
insinuated into our ancestors from time spent
in ancient trees swaying in the slow breeze
of an eon-old African evening.

A dance more primal than Salome
shedding seven veils — a pattern of steps
that draws you back to memories of warm arms
and the soft silk pillows of women’s breasts —
your small sleepy head at peace.

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