Great And Small written by Ernie at

Great And Small

Great And Small

written by: Ernie



Little Is The Heart
Beating Ever So Silent
Masking Its Sorrows
Draping Its Tomorrows
With Lovely Smiles
And Warm Hugs

Borrowing Its Kindness
Dancing With Laughter
Crying With Blindness
Oh How The Lonely Borrow
Wanting Peace
Wanting Love
Wanting Grace
Gentle And Sweet
Like A Beautiful Dove

Flutter Away Such Dreary Plight
Come Back No Longer
Never Ever Stay The Night
Your Calloused Comfort Holds No Gain
Your Solace Is Sweet
But Quickly It Brings Pain
Stand Here No Longer Old Wicked Foe
For Grace Has Come
And Beauty Has Adorned Its Love
Sharp And True It Will Strike You Down
Straight As An Arrow
Fall You Must
Oh Evil Thorny Crown

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