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Grief And Peace

Grief and Peace

written by: Shubhanshu Shrivastava



I looked about me unbound and free,
In search of a hopeful gleam,
My eyes, the visions, untrue,
That thin ray of hope will fate agree?

But I find no heart in statue unkind,
That is the fate for me, it binds.
Every shelter each solace I took,
Was shook away by life’s unkind look.
And whenever I found a heart that looked,
Kind and gentle and true, I mistook,
And shame and pain, to me they hooked.
I sought a life, a figure close behind,
Tethered to me in soul and mind,
Pure whose heart is and true,
Apart from me but a part of me yet, divine.
Yet I found were lies and theft,
Not of my valuables but my peace and I met,
The same friends – anguish, grief and a heart bereft.

But it’s my hurt, my fault thereto,
For it was your nature obvious so,
A snake always bites, and kite always flies,
A predator always hunts, a prey always dies.
And mourns for it? that nothing does,
And so won’t I.
For I am no prey, not weak cast aside,
I am a predator too, albeit with a gentler shell inside.
Nothing can kill me, least of all you,
For you have no clue of what I’ve been through.
Life for me a journey and pain is an old friend,
Sadness the energy to joy, and success the end.

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