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Grilled Cheese Hold The Memory

Grilled Cheese Hold The Memory

written by: Judge Burdon


If I only knew what you were thinking
I’d feel warmer against the cold
Than with my coat
Avoiding the words I’ve heard
Crying out to be spoken
Regretting the letters I never wrote.

Sure has been quite a while
since I’ve seen you last
How the years they’ve passed us by
The tears we’ve cried have long been dried
Things have changed they always do
We’re both different now
It doesn’t matter anyhow
Tell me how’ve you been
Still smiling I guess permanently
Hope that smile is for me

I’ve been living out west in Tucson
Ya know fun in the sun
Just getting by but not by much
No bad times although still don’t have a dime
to my name
Chicago hasn’t changed it still seems the same
You say they had a lot snow in Wisconsin
It gets oh so cold and the wind it blows
so damn hard
I’m still smoking and playing guitar
But I’m not getting far

So tell me did you find that special someone
Who you’d make sure
Would be nothing like me
Or is he a mystery
I know l made a mess of love
Like dirt l swept it under the rug
To be forgotten
Thanks for the great grilled cheese
Oh how we survived on these
Every time I eat one it brings back fond memories
Of you know back then
Another cup of coffee then I’ve got to run
That’s such a good line especially at this time
Don’t say we’ll keep in touch or how much
you’ve missed me
I just stopped by for your famous grilled cheese
And a broken memory that can never be…….

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