Haiku About Pearls and Pearl Divers, a haiku string written by Paweł Markiewicz at Spillwords.com

Haiku About Pearls and Pearl Divers

Haiku About Pearls and Pearl Divers

in old-archaic- and poetical language

written by: Paweł Markiewicz



weird of afterglow
pearler singing song of moon
breaks sea-solitude


matutinal sun
keel swimming to new island
laden with the pearls


under summer moon
a pearl in dreamy gull’s beak
marine wizardry


when the tide is out
pearl diver is fetching pearls
from sunken vessel


the morning red sky
the pearl diver on board ship
singing ferrymen’s ayres

ayre = Br. archaic = lay


seaweed under sea
with the most propitious pearls
hidden by seaman

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