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Haiku Advice for the Candidates

Haiku Advice for the Candidates

written by: Leo Lavallee



be the eternal – flame that glimmers hope to all – who long for your warmth

kindness frees sorrow – spread it in a loving way – be kindness be love

inspire empower – instead of engaging fear – in we the people

choose to be your best – in the simple things you do – great things will follow

be the change you seek ~ make the smallest acts count more ~ send positive vibes

have integrity ~ be authentic and truthful ~ stop preying on fear

I’m American ~ a conduit for freedom ~ a vessel for peace

seek understanding ~ empowerment soars lofty ~ when listening first

truthfulness tells all ~ souls cannot hide from a lie ~ not even a fib

act kind in small ways ~ one hand to one hand means all ~ you’ll be that difference

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