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Hallowed Halloween Dream!!!

Hallowed Halloween Dream!!!

written by: Reena Mahay



It’s Halloween… Aha!
I’ve got a buzzing bewitching dark schedule up my sleeve…
What a witchy wacky day indeed – nightmarish indeed.

Time ticking to zero in on…
Which mammoth broomstick would I zoom astride on?
Which witch would I choose to be… beautifully unkempt, gory or
Shakespearean – on a prophetic spree?
Which petrifying, inky furry cloak would I rather swathe on;
embellished with a pointed cone;
ushered by a black whiskered feline,
and nails fascinating in hues dreadful and extreme?

Which dastard goblins and phantoms would I befriend
and revel in impish, untamed camaraderie?
Which living world would I witchily bless with my welcomed witchi-ness?
How witchfully chilling – would I let out a score of screams and thunderbolt landing screech?
Which shimmering stout cauldron would I simmer
my miraculously reeking,
obnoxious potion in –
with a crescentic grin?

Which luminous crystal ball would I chant my ‘Abracadabra’ on,
to witness the unfathomable future unforeseen?
Which would I crave covetously: Trick of Satanic surrealism or
a Treat of blood-filled booze – my dire need?
Which spaces on my bizarre bucket list to venture – on my next eerie adventure?
Which Hecate-like motherly witch do I in awe emulate unmindfully?

Which mortals worthy on my rolls – to gag their breath,
haunting them tenderly to half-death?

As I whirled merrily around the Blue Moon’s blazing beams – all set on my stick,
I heard the Universe tremor and blast out a scream:
‘Wake up my darling, lovely Witch!’

Oh dear… Alas!
What an exhilarating, yet a spooky vision.
Shattered to blown shards like a popped popcorn at last!

“Mama, give me my pumpkin cup of red tea, please!”


Hallowine hangover!

Reena Mahay

Reena Mahay

Ms. Reena Mahay is an educationist, qualified social worker, ELT Consultant, poet and a freelance writer currently based in India. Her versatile and sensitive persona is best drawn towards the socio-cultural concerns and ‘ills facing Man’ in the current era, which oft become her muse to chart out her perspective from the voice of her pen.
Reena Mahay

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