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Hallowed Halloween Dream!!!

Hallowed Halloween Dream!!!

written by: Reena Mahay



It’s Halloween… Aha!
I’ve got a buzzing bewitching dark schedule up my sleeve…
What a witchy wacky day indeed – nightmarish indeed.

Time ticking to zero in on…
Which mammoth broomstick would I zoom astride on?
Which witch would I choose to be… beautifully unkempt, gory or
Shakespearean – on a prophetic spree?
Which petrifying, inky furry cloak would I rather swathe on;
embellished with a pointed cone;
ushered by a black whiskered feline,
and nails fascinating in hues dreadful and extreme?

Which dastard goblins and phantoms would I befriend
and revel in impish, untamed camaraderie?
Which living world would I witchily bless with my welcomed witchi-ness?
How witchfully chilling – would I let out a score of screams and thunderbolt landing screech?
Which shimmering stout cauldron would I simmer
my miraculously reeking,
obnoxious potion in –
with a crescentic grin?

Which luminous crystal ball would I chant my ‘Abracadabra’ on,
to witness the unfathomable future unforeseen?
Which would I crave covetously: Trick of Satanic surrealism or
a Treat of blood-filled booze – my dire need?
Which spaces on my bizarre bucket list to venture – on my next eerie adventure?
Which Hecate-like motherly witch do I in awe emulate unmindfully?

Which mortals worthy on my rolls – to gag their breath,
haunting them tenderly to half-death?

As I whirled merrily around the Blue Moon’s blazing beams – all set on my stick,
I heard the Universe tremor and blast out a scream:
‘Wake up my darling, lovely Witch!’

Oh dear… Alas!
What an exhilarating, yet a spooky vision.
Shattered to blown shards like a popped popcorn at last!

“Mama, give me my pumpkin cup of red tea, please!”


Hallowine hangover!

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