Halloween Blue Moon 2020, poetry by Rex Carey Arrasmith at Spillwords.com

Halloween Blue Moon 2020

Halloween Blue Moon 2020

written by: Rex Carey Arrasmith



In the night, sleepless
I rose to make a toddy
but broke my baby toe.
The moonlight shadowy
when I groped/crashed
on the living room sofa.

The last blue moon on Halloween
I noted before going to bed was
1944. Fabrics, paper and candles
were requisitioned for the war effort.

I  turned on the light
and my baby toe was
pointing perpendicular
to my foot.
It was kind of numb
so I snapped it
back into place.

Hobos were the most popular costume
for boys and girls in ‘44. 2020 we are in
the middle of a pandemic, tricks and treats

I didn’t scream
I didn’t want to wake my Allan
I did sort of whimper
and pogo’d around
and staccato low level grunted

The next Halloween blue moon in
2039 worries me. A war in 1944 a
Pandemic in 2020, has me marking
my calendar…

Anyhoo, I woke up
this morning in pain
and my baby toe is black
and blue
and I’m afraid
it’s going to turn
all black
and fall off.

What could be worse than war? A
pandemic? What’s unimaginable? It’s
that inevitable horror that worries
me, and my remaining toes.


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