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Halloween Hair

Halloween Hair

written by: Anna K Gilman


This Halloween Hair,
Straight up in the air.
It arrived as I spied a ghost,
Or was it a monster?
What would scare YOU most?

A cactus mouth, ready to chomp,
Spitting saliva that will dissolve and liquify
Anything with guts.
Watch out! I’ll dissolve you,
Halloween mouth!

Halloween Hair.
The night is gone,
I see you now with
Glistening morning light,
Your tendrils so bright.

You’re not a ghost,
Not a monster,
There’s no slobbering mouth.
Let me serve you toast,
And then I’ll boast of

Halloween Hair,
Who has let go of its fright,
Has let the dawn offer delight,
Has bowed its scalp incredibly low,
Saying, “Come love me so.”

And so I did.



There’s a time for seriousness, fear, or anger, but a day without a smile, a laugh or a hug is a day of being trapped. Spring the trap and life abounds..

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