Halloween Vampire, poetry by Ericca Chavez at Spillwords.com
Loren Cutler

Halloween Vampire

Halloween Vampire

written by: Ericca Chavez



Thrilling to stain red all over innocent lips, marks of savage monsters.
Gliding through the night yelling about Dracula quips, little insulting imposters.
Skip the tricks and treats, it’s a night of fashion and flirts, uncovering a world of carnal spice.
Eccentric garments to emulate those detailed within the vaunted novels of Anne Rice.
Admiring those who in turn glorify them, beyond the shadows lurks the sinister vulture.
Dressed in their solitary shrouds, all akin are bound by the unending monster culture.
Indeed, a most dreadful scheme to the cynics, but courtesy for the naive.
Flattering spooky hearts, no other creature is more iconic on this eve.

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