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Have A Good One

Have A Good One

written by: Dan Leicht



Up at 5am, key in the ignition by 6.
Take to the road, to spend sunrise to sunrise driving
endlessly. Sipping energy drinks and black coffee,
eating beef jerky and salted peanuts.
The vending machine at a rest stop
nearing Wisconsin
is being difficult,
the young attendant, dressed in a dark grey jumpsuit,
walks over looking for conversation.
“Is there a problem with the machine?” he asks.
“Just trying to figure out the price of a drink.”
“These things are always causing problems,” he says.
“Can’t trust these machines.”
“It’s like the Terminator. They’re coming for us. We need to find Arnold.”
“Yeah, it’s only a matter of time.”
The can falls to the slot.
Caffeine craving claws caress the can, pick it up,
feels cold.
Tired legs make for the door as the attendant follows along,
“You’ll need to watch out for that one cop who’s actually a Terminator too,” he adds.
“Will do.”
“He can even turn into a puddle, so don’t slip.”
“If it rains maybe he’ll be washed away.”
The doors swings open.
“Haha, maybe.”
“Have a good one.”
It’s back to the road as the sun begins to set.

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