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written by: Paradise’s Poet



Frightful flickering photonic particles are set to disguise the sky
And of the satellite that wanes my madness
There lies thirteen silver pieces priced to cure that madness
Beaming a nocturnal sunlight off your radiant skin
That has been dipped in gold thus rightfully so carefully encrusted with nightly diamonds

Therefore, treasure the rarity of a lustful moment that could be as pure as love
To create said entity not of the morn but of eve
And beneath thy rib shall you know God with every atom of your passionate being
Possibly, for the chance to experience something that is everlasting

Much like a muse tied to the echoing shadows that linger
Which breathe softly words sighing a past lover’s name

An anomaly to impose, I suppose …

But, perhaps it is all a part of some cosmic plan – leading us back towards a forgotten Eden
That has been defiled by the knowledge pertaining to our own ignorance and shame
Still, able are we to be lost in such a magnitude teeming with desire

…Slowly cascading this infatuation…
The benevolent intoxication, which may only lay claim
To the invigorating taste stimulating her tempting… sweet… tantalizing lips

Thus, behind your hazel eyes I saw what could have been forever
As with a kiss I forfeited my feelings, thereby making my heart yours for the taking
However today fading….

My soul now dawdles in the memories standing as those revered so lonesome, yet benign

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