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Healing Will Be Glorious

Healing Will Be Glorious

written by: J. G. Elas



Red lights in the hallway, our souls wandering at night
Peace sleeps in her room, she dreams of freedom in both worlds
The blood of our fathers waters the meadows
The greens of our land covered in shadows.
Day and night, our children pray
Til the soil of broken dreams
Fear heightened by death
Death heightened by bombs
We pray for light, for water, for flood
Wash away our fears, baptize us
The moon shines above us, but we can’t see it.
We’re wrapped in each other’s arms
In white and black, we worship the Divine
As we dig each other’s graves
As the earth inherits our flesh.
The gods convinced us our eyes will see
Tomorrow will meet us like an old friend
But like doors after doors, hallways after hallways
Past will come back and will pull the trigger.
We long for the future where our knees will bend no more
Where this town will be painted red
Of love and moving mountains
We’ll carve the war down,
Hundreds of children will raise their arms up to the heavens
And healing will be glorious.

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