Healthy, Wealthy, Happy or Free, poetry by Mahbubat Kanyinsola Salahudeen at
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Healthy, Wealthy, Happy or Free

Healthy, Wealthy, Happy or Free

written by: Mahbubat Kanyinsola Salahudeen


Dinging, Dinging
My mind went,
Wobbly, Wobbly
Into a trance
Healthy, Wealthy Happy or Free,
Is one more important than the others?

An apple a day keeps the doctor away,
How well and healthy I am,
You may say as strong as the hunter’s bullet,
Or the blacksmith’s anvil and mallet,
That is what I am.
I can climb Mt Everest in less than a day,
I will sail through the Mississippi in a blink of an eye,
Building the Titanic and Taj Mahal will cause me no trickle of sweat,
Now I put it to you, sir Hercules,
You dare achieve these without good health?

Healthy, Wealthy Happy or Free?

The irresponsible taste of wealth
Invites me like a bee to its honey hive,
I enjoy the luxuries and goodies of life,
On my call
Servants fall at my feet,
Answering a thousand times,
My cry and Kings bow before me
Rising at my command,
On my honour,
All that glitters is pure gold

Healthy, Wealthy Happy or Free?

What satisfaction and bliss I feel,
The magnificent wave spreads through me
Like a dog guarding its bone,
The fragrant smell of rosemary
Hangs in the air
Like a hauling melody,
If you were to ride a horse in me,
Thou shall never trample nor stagger,
Guerrillas watch on as
An indisputable zippy
Exhilarates within me
Like a rock trapped in a pin,
The smile on my face is a witness.

Healthy, Wealthy, Happy or Free?

I refuse to be bound
In chains and shackles,
I refuse to be
A bird born to fly
But made to sit in a cage and sing
Or a pawn
On a chessboard.
I am one,
A man of the people
With a smile on my lips,
Guerrillas and crocodiles watch on
As many sun-like butterflies
Flutter around me
In no direction
Seeking to catch the scent of life
What freedom I feel,
Desperation lay deep beneath my soles.

Healthy, Wealthy, Happy and Free
Together they make one me,
Together they make one master of life.

Dingling, Dingling
My soul fret,
What confusion I feel,
Healthy, Wealthy, Happy or Free
If I am to make a choice,
Which one of it would it be,
Healthy, Wealthy, Happy or Free?

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