Hearth of St. Paddy’s Day, a poem by Jackie Shaffer at Spillwords.com
Jill Wellington

Hearth of St. Paddy’s Day

Hearth of St. Paddy’s Day

written by: Jackie Shaffer


March winds wailing outside my front door
Final spent leaves left over from year past tumbling down the asphalt covered floor

Inside the hearth crackles with colors of gold, orange and blue
While cuddlers snuggle with steaming mugs of froth creamed covered Irish coffee brew

Soon the hearth will not be lit for warmth
But it’s always the center of our families heart
To meet as one, play games, chattering as laughter fills the air
It holds decorations that are meaningful to us throughout the entire year

Emerald green and pots of gold for now are placed lovingly there
Wee little leprechauns winking shamrock wishes to all that venture near

This will be the final burn of the year
But family time will not end here
Guinness and Irish Coffee brews today
Makes this my favorite St. Paddy’s Day

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