Heaven Isn't Too Far Away, written by Mario William Vitale at Spillwords.com

Heaven Isn’t Too Far Away

Heaven Isn’t Too Far Away

written by: Mario William Vitale


We make love.
We give love.
sadness almost always fills our hearts.

A peer
of a sullen mast explosion.

we are not mere robots in our circle of friends,
with chatter boxes for voices.
We run circles around the exterior base,
paint pictures in the sky
of an alabaster box in disguise.

We must make choices to fill the void in our hearts
Choices to win & not to lose
out of mere sadness there is sullen gladness
the notion of sweet apathy

learn to grow & let go
graduate from nothing to something special
only you know what’s best for you
perhaps you have bitten off far more then you could chew

heaven isn’t too far away closer to it everyday
what we do with our time today will be echoed in eternity

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