Hindsight Is A Distant Shore, poetry by Wayne Russell at Spillwords.com
Keith Bremner

Hindsight Is A Distant Shore

Hindsight Is A Distant Shore

written by: Wayne Russell



Dusty fan circulates stale memories,
around this dilapidated apartment.

Worn photos, tattered edges, there
we were in another life. So happy?

Coffee spilled on the kitchen floor,
last night was the worst, here without
you. A bad dream?

I gave up the booze, but what good
did it do, in the end?

I just ended up alone, as always.
A vagabond headed on down a
lonely, uneventful, path.

Life is a lonely highway and I am the
desert rat, scampering around the
abyss of this world, seeking refuge
from the cool stealth of the unknown.

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