Hold My Hand, a poem by Bitupan Das at Spillwords.com

Hold My Hand

Hold My Hand

written by: Bitupan Das


I don’t need lights to guide me home
If you hold my hand
Darkness or Lights
It’s just a play of time
God’s Dice

I can run through the storm
Hurricanes will be like air
Will never slip off my breath
If you hold my hand

I can walk on burning coal
Cause I can remember
The volcano that defines me
If you hold my hand

We can see the world where it ends
Where the whole world will be asleep
And no secrets to keep

Silence will be our language
Which our eyes speak
No secrets to keep

If you hold my hand
I don’t need stars to navigate me
Your eyes will guide me
To sail home
Through the soil you touch and play
The air you breathe is my home
We are home

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