Holy Days of Unimagnamos, poetry by Cindy Georgakas at Spillwords.com
Hansun Kim

Holy Days of Unimagnamos

Holy Days of Unimagnamos

written by: Cindy Georgakas


I hide amongst the redwood’s strength,
each one tethered underground entwined,
holding each other up in grace,
and I weep.

The animals have gone into hiding in search of food and shelter.
The kids have been displaced and their mothers shaken, mourn.
The soldiers trained as robots, with no luster in their eyes.

The rich soil of connection: Forrest bathing moss lush green,
holds up the night sky, housing keen eyed visioned eagles,
who hover in the moonlight sky.

I climb the tree of golden white light through purple haze, to be closer to divinity
and the planet Unimagnamos.* Here we are all connected with razor sharp teeth and billowy soft hearts.

We catch the blood of winter red, and dance to celebrate, carbon emissions restored to love,
raining truth and light to see us through the bitter cold night, canopied in protection in time for Unimagnamos Holy Days, where spring has sprung.


*  Unimagnamos – An imaginary planet where we unite and share love

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