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Aditya Siva



written by: Naresh Mehan


Whatever you may have
For an abode
Keep a corner
Ear marked
For Laughing freely.

However distant
Be the sun
Give it passage
To visit your home

Climbing the roof-top
Count the stars,
If possible
extending your hands
do try to reach out
to the moon…..and touch it.

For interaction
Do keep a neighborhood
Close to your home
Allow children
Some playful rowdyism
And freedom to get drenched
In rains
And sailing their paper boats

When sky be clear
Manage free time
To raise a kite
If possible
Indulge in some entanglement
A weeny bit, though.

Grow a tree
Infront of your house
And do listen
To the chirping by birds
Parched thereon

Keep some place
In some corner of your house
For laughing freely.

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