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Home Down The Hills

written by: Pragya


As summer breeze, I whirl and twirl
O'er hills, basking in the dawn's aroma;
Reapers carry their sickles, little curled
I, behind, tailing them, lass and grandma.

Down the hills, I swoon over sweet grass
Verdant lush valley, dew drops I adore;
They move swiftly, swift as ballet chasse
I, behind, tailing mother nature, the amor.

Along the brink, I flow along pearly brook
Babbling, rushing through reapers' valley;
Pitchers filled, the journey again unhook
I, behind, tailing blue lad, my ally holy.

In the golden farmland, I caress the grains
In joyful amity, I rejoice and ramble again;
Binding them, they sing along a melody
I, sing along, waving to reapers' rhapsody.



I am all about ballads, chasse and poetries.

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