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written by: Robbie Masso



She reads on the train
that allows her to roam.
Her empathy keeps her going
as she stays away from home.

She has a collection of photos
she’s taken from place to place.
She writes for them and feels their pain
as she studies every face.

She’s the independent romantic,

the holder of the key.

She’s the tormented spirit,

the Greek tragedy.

Her face shines in my mind sometimes
as I lay alone in bed.
I still read the letters you sent me,
but I don’t forgive what you said.

How could I be at peace with you
leaving me here unstable?
You can see “Confidence” inked on my skin
as a warning label.

I know you have demons to outrun.
I know you have shit to figure out.
I’m just not the one you should have left, babe.
I’m the home you dream about.

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