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Honeymoon In Mexico

Honeymoon In Mexico

written by: Thomas Park



Our Honeymoon, I and Honey
Afforded by timeshares
Some gave money

Plane trip over ocean blue
White caps
(Like distant fluffs of cotton)

To the resort, green, manicured
A building, event, for every purpose
10 restaurants or more, themed
Seafood, Mexican, Chinese

As we rubbed elbows with Europeans
Flown in from distant continent

We rested out on sandy beaches
Worries shortly past our reach

I was stubborn, you convinced
Horseback ride through tropic forest
Trees where chewing gum was grown
Cave with pool
Overhead birds spun

The staff on hand, brown-skinned,
Polite, walking quickly, washing hands
Blurs of motion to our sloth

“It’s a pleasure”, they would say
Speaking of Mass on week-end day

Brought us soup when illness hit
Your poor sore stomach, all a mess
The noodles may have not been quite right
Though in this case, good thoughts were meant

The highs and lows of Honeymoon
Like plane, all altitudes
Over soon

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