Hopeless Reality, poetry by Chinedu Raph-Michael Chukwuma at Spillwords.com
Marc Herve

Hopeless Reality

Hopeless Reality

written by: Chinedu Raph-Michael Chukwuma


I fly but I’m not a bird.
They say hold it together – have hope.
Hope is another thing that flies.
How, on Sunday, I have it.
But on Monday, I lost it.
And they still tell me to adapt.
Could that mean to shape-shift?
A moment I am here
Next, the situation changes before I get there.
The only difference between here and there – T.
Take T away from time, you have I, me.
And that’s all I’ve got: I, me and no hope.

Time too flies – my mum says that a lot.
“How time flies.”
I think she is right.
Because I always try to meet up
But time keeps on flying.
And now I have learned to fly with time.
I have learned to adapt – to shape-shift
To become the event around me – the reality
To immerse myself into the day and stop hoping.
For when I found my hope and shape it into work
I grow more wings, bigger and stronger
And I fly with time
To that moment when all I ever hoped for
Becomes the reality I immerse myself in.
So, I trade hope for work
And become my reality.

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