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How Do I Love, AGAIN?

written by: thePoeticpiper



How do I love, AGAIN!?
Once too many past the years I did
As though every season was summer
Fearless of expressing my actions
Watching every new written lane fall

How do I love, AGAIN!?
Sweat like colourful autumn leaves
Landing gently upon the ground
Chilled light winds coming from all directions
Sweeping love of the ground, lips upon lips

But now
I'm cold like winter in every season
All the years, the love seemed to be fairy tales
I do not believe and do not live in fairy tales
For everything would seem to be a dead tale

Yes, thus far you should know
I do not know how to love anymore
My foolishness to love DIED
My spring season has no flowers to flourish
How do I love, AGAIN!?



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